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Show First, Tell Second

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Shoes on the Danube Bank, Budapest, Hungary

Show First, Tell Second

by Beth Singer, Principal and Creative Director


A friend of mine posted this photo on her Facebook page, during her recent visit to Budapest, Hungary. The bronze shoes are affixed to the bank of the majestic Danube River. The shoes commemorate the Hungarian Jews who, during the Holocaust, were forced to remove their clothes and stand, waiting to be shot in the back.

My friend said walking amongst the shoes was one of the most humbling and moving experiences of her life.

Why is this modern memorial so compelling?

The Unwritten Rules of Pro Bono Work

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The Unwritten Rules of Pro Bono Work

By Beth Singer, Creative Director

Many non-profits are rich in passion and ideas, but short on funding. This leaves the well dry when it comes to creating communication tools, a necessary puzzle piece for raising money and creating engagement with their causes. It’s a common practice to request “pro bono” work to get the fundraising/marketing/branding ball rolling.

What does pro bono really mean? It is simply professional work voluntarily undertaken as a public service and without payment or at a reduced fee.