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The Marriage of Clarity and Style

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The Marriage of Clarity and Style

10 Tips for building a crystal-clear campaign

by Beth Singer, Principal and Creative Director

Complexity is the state of the world right now. Not only from what we take in, but in what we share with each other. High-quality graphic design can help people untangle the daily information overload, and, ultimately, serve to change their opinions and behaviors.

That’s where the marriage of clarity and style comes in. When it comes to engaging people through visual communications, these two key ingredients are not only linked, but are interdependent.

Our clients work inspires me to do better

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Our clients work inspires me to do better

By Beth Singer, Creative Director

From defending our nation against terrorist threats, to Tsunami relief efforts, to raising millions of dollars in support of Israel, the good our clients do in the world is a constant source of inspiration to me.

We have just finished designing the 2013 Annual Report for the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF). PADF works in the Americas to create a better life for millions of impoverished and disadvantaged people. This is the sixth report we have had the pleasure of creating for them.