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Why Teach First Graders Design Thinking?

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Why Teach First Graders Design Thinking?

by Beth Singer, Principal and Creative Director


Which scenario sounds better? A teacher standing in front of the room talking about elusive concepts such as gratitude or preserving the environment? Or a creative, thought-provoking, design-centric, high-energy experience that immerses kids in problem solving and thinking of others?

Ok, it’s not a fair question. We all know that lessons are better learned when experienced rather than heard, and that’s one of the reasons we teach design thinking, but it’s not the only reason.

What We Do for Love



What We Do for Love

By day we’re a group of professional communicators who use our strategic and creative minds to ignite our clients’ marketing efforts. Like everyone else, we do what we do to make a living and we’re fortunate enough to enjoy it. But when we’re off the clock, we all have unique ways to recharge and engage our own passions. Here’s how we connect the dots between work, design, art and love: