Our two principals, Beth Singer and Howard Smith, each have 30 years of design experience in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors. One or both of them manage every project and will manage yours as well.

A full-service design communications firm, we are small enough to give you the highest level of personal service, yet large enough to handle the complex, multichannel, multimedia campaigns.

Most importantly…
We work intelligently, so you can focus on your business.

Design projects are built out of thousands of details. Our project management and quality control procedures ensure every element is correct and in place. 

  • Each project follows a clear design and implementation process, so you will know exactly where your project is every step of the way. Every round of layouts is clearly labeled.
  • Layouts are proofread by us before they are sent to you for review. Whether it’s new text or copy edits, we verify all content is complete and correct. 
  • Our production manager tracks your project’s budget and schedule status. You are alerted if a project is headed over budget or resources need to be reallocated before it happens.
  • Our quality control processes prompt our team and yours about next steps, actions items and extra budget items, so you can plan for reviews and timely feedback that will keep your project on schedule and budget.