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African Development Bank (AfDB)

Annual Report

The African Development Bank (AfDB) needed their Annual Report designed — and fast. The bank, whose primary mission is to reduce poverty on the African continent, was looking for fresh look to the report since the design had not appreciably changed in several years.

We stepped in to help. 

Ideally we have creative input early in the process but the text had been written and approved, so we jumped right into design and layout. A careful content review revealed an opportunity to showcase success stories and case studies in thoughtfully designed sidebars. We also enhanced supplied photos, created infographics and designed charts to make the data come to life. These became the centerpiece of the report. 

The Bank flew in a team of seven from Côte d'Ivoire, and, we ramped up our team to meet the level of effort required to make the Bank’s deadline. We worked side-by-side for three weeks in our office to design and produce the report in record time. And a very happy client has promised to return next year — hopefully with more time!

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