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We get the big picture — yours.

Communicating about your organization’s work in words and images is what we do — with gusto — day in and day out. And, honestly, we are great at it. We understand that making an emotional connection to your cause is key, and we know how to combine facts, stories, and passion with design thinking to influence your audience’s feelings. Not only are we awesome storytellers and designers, but we make sure your communications always include those key messages that align with your brand. When there’s a good connection, minds are changed and people take action. That’s our metric for an effective design.


“The presentation is fantastic. During this exercise with you, we’ve matured the definition of who we are and what we do, and hence our value proposition…and we have a visually stunning, new representation of who we are. That’s no small feat.”

— Jonathan Jennings, Executive Director, Health in Harmony

Strategy and design are meant for each o

We understand people need a minimum of seven touches to internalize what your organization is all about and take action. When you work with us, a communications plan is strategically crafted to reach your audience; nothing is left to chance. We clarify goals of the project, design products that will meet those goals, and find ways to measure the outcomes. Each touchpoint, whether digital, social, print, video, or in-person, is an opportunity to reinforce your messages with your target audiences. Our job is to ensure that your well-crafted campaign is delivered in a style that’s compatible with your organization’s ethos and stands out from a sea of distractions.


“We got the first copies of our annual report today and it looks wonderful! Your deep involvement, creative ideas, and understanding really changed the game in terms of positioning The Fund as very accessible and human.”

— Jeremy Clift, (former) Publisher, International Monetary Fund

Every project needs a good foundation to

We know you’re asking us to design marketing and communication products, because after all, we are designers. But we also contribute significantly on the editorial side. Messaging, organizing information, copywriting, and editing are integral to all successful communications projects. Taking the time to build a solid connection between the verbal and the visual sets up a strong foundation, and makes a noticeable difference in raising considerable amounts of money, changing paradigms, and moving people to action.


“From beginning to end, Beth’s team is our thought-partner and our creative sounding board. They excel at polishing our ideas and finding innovative ways translate them into reality, while keeping us honest and ensuring that our project moves on schedule. We have fun along the way and the results speak for themselves.”

— Sam Greenberg, Director, Digital Engagement, New Israel Fund

We believe that all of us are better tha

We deliver breakthrough-quality design because we treat our office as an incubator for innovation and collaboration. We understand that effective design requires not only listening to our clients, comprehending the context of their business, but assembling a strong team of high-caliber, creative thinkers to develop a range of solutions that are innovative, persuasive and drop-dead gorgeous. As partners on many multi-disciplinary teams, we’ve been instrumental in bringing original thinking to the table and motivating team members to strive for a quantum leap in their campaigns and brands. After viewing a recent presentation of multiple creative solutions, one VP of Branding remarked, “This is the first time this has ever happened — I like all the options.”


I have talked with soooo many people who just LOVE the materials we’re putting out. While the content is ours, it’s getting rave reviews because of the way you organize and interpret the content. Bringing your team on as a resource makes us BETTER. Thanks very much.

— Michele D. Kovach, Supervisor, Employee Health, Wellness & Benefits, Loudoun County Public Schools

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