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Health In Harmony

Pitch Deck for International Nonprofit 

Health In Harmony is dedicated to preserving rainforests because they are essential for the survival of humanity. And they have a unique approach to it. Like nearly all nonprofits, they depend on donor contributions to realize their mission. Fundraising takes place mostly in small group settings. The presentation they were using was outdated and did not adequately make the case for donor support.

They turned to us to reimagine the presentation. 


We began by shining a spotlight on the true essence of their story. Then we sorted and reorganized the facts and descriptions of their accomplishments into a more logical flow. Working closely with our writer, we crafted messages and key points that touched donors’ hearts.


Next we designed prototype slides to hold different types of content. These included slides that held large photos, a mixture of copy and photos, and heavy text and infographics. One of the goals was to create a system for updating and future use. Our design integrated a variety of graphic elements including type styles, color palette, and infographics.

“You’ve created a visually stunning, new public representation of who we are. During this exercise with you, we’ve matured the definition of who we are & what we do, and hence our value proposition. That’s no small feat.”

— Jonathan Jennings, Executive Director, Health in Harmony

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