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Collaborating with Confidence.

Working with us is a collaborative, iterative process, with each step building on the last. It ensures we convey your brand, key messages, and unique organizational culture through every element of words and imagery we deliver. Our process offers you the confidence that, at every point along the way, Beth Singer Design is working in tandem with you.


Laying the groundwork

In our kick-off meeting, we discuss and clarify your:

• Objectives

• Key messages

• Technical considerations

• Barriers or conflicting parameters

• Budget and schedule

• Measures of success

Our team may also gather research about your organization and your market, and share our observations.


Developing the plan

We make sure we heard you and report back with:

• Refined key messages

• Objectives confirmed

• Discussion of technical, budgetary, and schedule considerations

• Realistic expectations

Once revised, reviewed, and approved, this document is fleshed out with:

• Tactics

• Media platforms

• Costs

• Options



Approve budget and plan!

Then we collaborate with our network of talented professionals who write, design, develop, and/or fabricate creative solutions.

Our lens is your constituents’ POV, and our goal is to communicate your brand and seamlessly incorporate key messages across a variety of media. Before we present the work to you, we go through a number of internal reviews to ensure approval.

You don’t have to guess or imagine how your finished project will read, look or feel — we show you:

• Text drafts

• Complete layouts

• Digital or hardcopy prototypes

• Schematics (for exhibits and stages)

• Typography

• Illustration or photography




Production and Delivery

We work closely with copywriters, web developers, photographers, illustrators, and other experts to create exciting design solutions. From electronic graphics in multiple formats to brand guides, and everything in between, we oversee all facets of your project and keep you informed during all phases of production until the moment of launch. 

Our aim is to deliver a set of materials that not only fulfills your objectives, but has a big wow factor.


Wait, there’s more!

Refinement is very much a part of design thinking.

After your materials are released, we analyze whether your goals were met and to what extent the campaign yielded the right results. 

Sometimes a small adjustment can bring that $10M campaign home, or have 60% of your conference attendees pre-registered for next year before the end of the event.

You might be hesitant to budget for this phase, but it’s a valuable step that will help ensure continued success!


A coordinated and powerful brand or campaign that exceeds expectations

Want to see how our design thinking has worked for others?

Check out these examples.

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