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Loudoun County Public Schools

When Employee Outreach

Looks Inward




Wellness Publication Addresses Employee Issues Head On


The third largest school district in Virginia, Loudoun County Public Schools, employs 11,000 teachers, staff, administrators, bus drivers, maintenance, and cafeteria workers. For the past three years we’ve partnered with its Employee Health, Wellness and Benefits team to create a monthly magazine called Wellness Works! The magazine is a combination of original and client-supplied content.

This year, the client used "design thinking" to developing the editorial calendar. Using aggregate medical data provided by the insurance carrier along with feedback from employee wellness initiatives, the content was conceived to directly address the needs of the employees. Both positive and challenging topics were included to represent real world issues. These include dental care, maintaining a healthy back, and getting good sleep, as well as opioid issues, dealing with cancer and working through grief.  

Our two-decade working relationship provides BSD with a unique perspective into the client’s concerns and its willingness to take step out of the box to develop targeted communications that directly address employees’ interests and needs.

One successful example of employee engagement is a monthly installment called “Tell me about it,” a dynamic feature that encourages employees to contribute personal stories about their wellness journey. The emotional stories reveal a human side and help other employees realize they are not alone. Recent stories include weight loss success, newly found confidence and volunteering as a family.

“I have talked with soooo many people who just LOVE the materials we’re putting out. While the content is ours — it’s getting rave reviews because of the way you design and organize the content. Bringing your team on as a resource makes us BETTER.”

—Michele D. Kovach, Supervisor, Employee Health, Wellness & Benefits, Loudoun County Public Schools

They asked us to …

Create a monthly publication to educate and engage employees on health, wellness and benefits.

What happened was …

  • LCPS has reduced its employees’ health care premiums for two years in a row. (While we cannot take credit for this, no doubt the ramped up communications effort contributed to its success)

  • The magazine is being used as a recruiting tool to differentiate LCPS from other employers, an unexpected side benefit

  • Readership increased 42% from the last three months of 2019 to the first three months of 2020.

What we did …

  • Re-imagined a sleepy newsletter into a dynamic publication

  • Managed a team of writer-partners to generate original content

  • Design and layout a monthly publication with minimal client supervision

  • Created a turnkey workflow that enables the client to make changes to the final document before it is published.

Client Since:


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