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American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

Member Newsletter & Website



Donor engagement and retention is a critical part of the operations of many membership organizations. Nowhere is this more true than for AIPAC, one of the premiere lobby organizations in the U.S. with more than 100,000 member activists. 

Working closely with the client and our PR partner, Red Banyan, we set out to re-energize AIPAC in Action, its primary print engagement vehicle. Taking it to the next level, we created a corresponding microsite featuring inspirational activists stories, news and opinions from the organization and events nationwide. An email campaign featured the same content, driving donors to the website for more.

Design-wise, we focused on the word "Action" and designed an editorial and visual structure that conveys the plethora of AIPAC’s activities, as well as stories of members across the cultural spectrum. The revamped print newsletter features custom illustrated member portraits, unique infographics and a dynamic “Regional Roundup” center spread. We managed the schedule and production process through printing, color proofing, delivery and mailing.

Our collaboration has produced an ongoing campaign that provides excitement and energy — and most importantly — keeps the donors engaged.

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