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The Israel Project

Branding & Marketing Materials

The Israel Project’s mission is to provide balanced Middle East reporting. They needed a way to attract donors as well as a way to explain what they do to multiple constituencies — the press, the hill and their readers.   

They asked us for an Annual Report. What they got was much more.


Providing a way to explain themselves turned out to be the biggest communication challenge. A typical TIP reporting initiative unfolds over a span of time — typically several days. And the reference material they provided showed just that. 


But “time” explains just a part of what they did. 


A careful review of the data revealed a more effective way to explain it: rather than by “time," how about by “category?” That conceptual breakthrough was the key to clarity. 


We designed a “spider” diagram, based on four categories — interviews, social media, online media, press activities, and press conferences. This became the centerpiece of the brochure. 

Bold type and visually strong graphics rounded out the details. 


The Result: A single communications piece spoke to multiple audiences and for the first time provided a way for people to understand what the reporters do.

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