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The Israel Project

Branding & Marketing Materials



The Israel Project’s (TIP) mission is to provide balanced Middle East reporting. They needed a way to attract donors, as well as a way to explain what they do to multiple constituencies — the press, the Hill and their readers.   

They asked us for an Annual Report. What they got was much more.


Providing a way to explain themselves turned out to be the biggest communication challenge. A typical TIP reporting initiative unfolds over a span of several days. And the reference material they provided showed just that. 


But a normal timeline explains only a part of what they actually did in a news cycle. 


A careful review of the data revealed a more effective way to explain it: rather than by time, how about by category? That conceptual breakthrough was the key to clarity. 


We designed a “spider” diagram, based on four categories: social media, online media, press activities, and press conferences. This massive infographic became the centerpiece of the annual report. Bold type and visually strong graphics rounded out the details. 


The Result: A communications piece that spoke to multiple audiences and provided a visual representation that, for the first time, clearly depicts what the organization does.

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