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International Monetary Fund

Creating a More Powerful and Memorable Annual Report Design


Bringing the Global Economy
to Life


The International Monetary Fund (IMF), headquartered in Washington, D.C., sought a more effective way to tell the complex stories of its accomplishments, and turned to Beth Singer Design for a complete redesign. 

“Putting a human face on the IMF” was a prime directive when the Publisher and his team at the International Monetary Fund chose Beth Singer Design to design its annual reports. Together, since 2014, we’ve worked closely with the IMF and their web developer to transform the print and digital versions of the report into a series of dynamic accounts of the IMF’s accomplishments that will appeal to a wider audience than their current readership.

Beginning with a rigorous analysis and sorting of the information, we determined that much of it did not powerfully communicate the Fund’s endeavors or objectives and certainly not in a contemporary visual vernacular. This led us to recommend that they reorder the narrative of the report. By consolidating and moving the most compelling information to the front, the 100+ page document read more like a magazine and less like a report.

Been there, done that

One of the most visible design innovations was a new front section that provided a high-level view of IMF’s major accomplishments. We created “Spotlights”—short feature stories shining a light on the most successful projects of the past year. These two-page spreads featured important success stories and initiatives, regional highlights, outstanding employees, original infographics...and more. They visually convey the IMF as the forward-looking organization it is, with an energetic story to tell.  

We used the language of design to transform IMF’s previous annual reports flat, undifferentiated, structure by developing a new hierarchy that presented the “spotlights” in three sections: the global context, IMF’s involvement, and a learning component aimed at reaching a broader audience. Also, one of the requirements of the annual report redesign was to accommodate seven languages in translation. Our solution was to use a significant amount of white space to allow flexibility in translation without sacrificing the design aesthetic.

We coordinated with IMF's web developer to ensure the digital version maintained visual continuity with the print version. 

“We got the first copies of our annual report today and it looks wonderful! Your deep involvement, creative ideas, understanding, and cajoling helped us all get to the right place.It’s really changed the game in terms of making the fund look open and human.

Big thanks and congratulations from us all.”

—Jeremy Clift, Former Publisher, International Monetary Fund

They asked us to…

  • Make it easier for readers to understand the critical issues associated with a stable global economy

  • Provide a dynamic account of the effort and impact of IMF’s work

  • Put a human face on the IMF

What happened was …

  • The number of page views and downloads of the AR went from 26,719 in 2014 to 49,710 in 2017.

  • We developed a new, magazine-like front section summarizing key points and presenting them graphically

  • We introduced a new information hierarchy and way-finding elements 

  • The new design featured highly relatable infographics and maps, dozens of photographs from the member countries, and conceptual illustrations for greater understanding

We Provided…

  • Annual report design

  • Copyediting & writing 

  • Messaging strategy

  • Coordinated approach with web developer

  • Image research & retouching

  • Custom infographics

  • Print supervision & onsite press inspection

Client Since:


Project Duration: 

5 years, January–August