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Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County

Building Community Through Storytelling 


Combating Anti-Semitism and Reaching 1.9M on Social Media


Home to the largest U.S. population of Jewish residents per capita, Rockland County, NY, encountered a unique set of circumstances, which threatened the cohesion of the Jewish community. Extensive negative press resulted in anti-Semitic sentiments and caused some Jewish residents to question their decision to live in this bucolic suburb of Manhattan. A group of Rabbis — supported by the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Rockland County — came to us for help. As everyone knows, you can’t say no to a Rabbi…

We conducted an extensive site visit and several interviews so we could study the problem and make recommendations to build bridges with the general population and significantly reduce skepticism in the mainstream Jewish community. Realizing that their similarities were stronger than their differences, we recommended a project that would reveal their collective humanity through personal stories. Then, we created a social media campaign on Facebook called “RocklAND Jewish” (R&J) that encouraged the county’s Jewish and non-Jewish members to share their stories about experiences with and in the Rockland Jewish community. 


Our team of writers, videographers, photographers, and social media specialists managed the development and marketing of the core content for three years. We also oversaw the Facebook promotions and boosts of the posts and provided analyzed viewership metrics to the client. Our click-through rate was consistently 12.5% (average CTR’s in the industry are 0.9%).


  • RocklAND Jewish content reached more than 1.9 million users, and engaged more than 72,000 users

  • Increased numbers of inquiries about joining synagogues and community activities

  • Received weekly volunteers to tell their stories on the Facebook page

  • Energy and interest in weekly Shabbat posts — including one during Chanukah that reached over 250,000 and was shared by more than 1,000.

  • In a survey conducted after year three, 52% of respondents indicated a positive change in their perceptions of the Rockland Jewish community and felt more connected to it.

The campaign helped create — and disseminate — a more accurate picture of Rockland’s dynamic Jewish community, resulting in a strengthened sense of pride, both as Jews and as county residents. There is nothing like a good story to capture people’s attention!

Because of the success of the social media campaign, the Jewish Federation adopted “RocklAND Jewish” as their brand.

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“Love Rockland and Jewish and reading about all the different people and their connection to the Jewish community in our county. I’m feeling proud to be Jewish once again and find myself actively standing up against anti-semitism and hatred in our community.”

—survey respondent 

“Beth Singer Design team consistently pushed our boundaries with creativity. They helped us think differently about what we wanted to accomplish, and led us to a much better product.”

—Gary Siepser, CEO, Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County

They asked us to …

  • Improve and restore self-esteem in the county’s mainstream Jewish community

  • Increase public understanding of the diverse and open-minded Jewish population in Rockland County

  • Study their problem and make recommendations to tell the real Rockland story

We Created …

  • A branded social media campaign, including a recognizable name, logo and look

  • A Facebook page for the campaign and promoted it across multiple channels

  • Hundreds of brief video and still photo interviews of residents speaking about their lifestyles.

  • Guidelines for the development of additional interviews on the client’s team


We provided…

  • Continued monitoring of social media activity and advertising buys

  • Video and still-photo interviews of residents

  • Public relations to ensure the broadest possible exposure of campaign messages

  • Coaching for our clients to leverage social media engagement


Client Since



Project Duration

3.5 years

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