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Improving an Everyday Tool with Design Thinking

January 21, 2016 | Amy Billingham, Senior Designer

We're very excited about the 2016 Beth Singer Design calendar, and by now you should have received yours in the mail.

Good Thinking

In this day and age of images and information flying at us at 100mph, it’s hard to believe that most calendars give us only one image to stare at for a whole month. How boring! My favorite calendars seem to have some artwork that I just love, and then a few months that I can totally do without.

We thought about that and came up with a desk calendar that allows you to change the artwork as often as you want. (Or not!) Our solution has a calendar page on one side and your choice of artwork on the other. It’s literally cut down the center so you can switch the pictures around whenever you like; or keep your favorites on display all year long or change the artwork daily!

You can also display two months side by side, which can be especially helpful at the end of the month. And if you're still getting used to fact that it's no longer 2015, you could use the page with the big bold 2016 as a vibrant reminder until you’re settled in for the year.

It’s All Good!

This year’s theme reflects our mission: helping those who do good, do better. And because so many clients and friends are making good things happen in the world, we thought we’d treat you to a reminder of the power of good.

The first image you see, Good Show, is one of my favorites, so I’m content to keep the first image on display for a while. But soon I’ll be switching pages on a whim as the month progresses. I think Life is Good or Good Luck would also be great ways to start the new year.

We'd love to know what you’re doing with your calendar pages this month —  send us a pic on Twitter @bsingerdesign.




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