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American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC)

Large-Scale Public Murals

Large scale murals installed at Dulles Airport

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Ultra-large text stands out in the grand hall.

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Check them out behind the United check-in counter.

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Large scale murals installed at Dulles Airport

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The American Battle Monuments Commission honors the service, achievements, and sacrifice of the United States armed forces. Concurrent with the 75th anniversary of D-Day they wanted to raise awareness of the monuments and promote tourism opportunities.

They turned to us to create two large-scale murals installed at Dulles Airport.


Oversize images and typography compliment the larger-than-life scale of Dulles. The design works on three levels: large-scale images and words catch the eye of “streakers” as they rush by; “standers” pause to check out medium-size images; and “stoppers” linger to learn more.

Extensive electronic image retouching ensured the highest quality visual appearance. We coordinated with the fabricator, reviewed proofs in progress, and supervised installation on-site.


Next time you’re at Dulles check it out: The two murals stand proudly in Dulles’ grand hall, on the top floor behind the United check-in counter. 

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