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New Israel Fund

40th Anniversary Legacy Campaign

The New Israel Fund’s mission is to ensure the civil rights of all Israeli citizens by providing equal-opportunity access, ensuring social justice and combatting racism. The grants they provide to grassroots Israeli organizations is near and dear to the hearts of their supporters.


After 10 years of working closely with NIF, they asked us to design a legacy campaign that celebrated their 40th anniversary, encouraging donors to make the next level of commitment — and leave a planned gift to ensure Israel remains a true democracy and the work of NIF can continue with gusto.


We developed the key messages, dovetailing with donors’ values and the shared vision of Israel as true democracy. “Values. Vision. Legacy.” became the signature of the campaign, resonating with donors to the tune of more than $40M. Because of this initial success, the campaign has since extended its goal to $50M.


We created communications strategy, copywriting, logo and tagline, brand guidelines, print brochures, and donor engagement tactics for the print and digital components of the campaign.

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