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New Israel Fund

Digital Annual Reports

Telling a Year's Worth of Stories — Online   


2020 was no ordinary year. The world was an entirely different place, and the mission of the New Israel Fund required a pivotal, crisis action plan. To highlight the extraordinary year they had fighting new and existing social inequities which escalated into life-and-death disparities, and longtime economic hardship, NIF commissioned Beth Singer Design to write and develop their first-ever digital annual report. At the cutting edge of their field, NIF and its grantees triumphed during one of the most challenging periods in recent history, winning equitable health services, fairer economic policies, and civil liberty protections throughout Israel.


The report was so well received, that NIF commissioned a second all-digital annual report for 2021, making it 11 years in a row of collaborations between BSD and NIF.

View the reports here:

2020 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

The annual reports are a rich collection of video, written stories, impact vignettes, and animated infographics that are both highly informative and entertaining. The reports also bring to life donors’ and activists’ personal stories. The digital medium has such a variety of tools that a print annual report does not, we found ourselves with an abundance of ways to tell their compelling stories that can be easily perused by all different types of readers.


Since the reports will not change once they are published, there were hard-coded, making them completely customized to NIF’s content. Have a look!


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“Wow. What an incredible, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and informative AR this is.

Just amazing. I'm so happy this information is now out there for us to share our story.”

– NIF Staff Member

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