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Congregation Beth Sholom

Branding, Social Media, and Website



Despite the vibrancy of their congregation, Congregation Beth Sholom’s membership was dwindling in Teaneck, NJ. We suggested a rebrand and a marketing campaign that would re-energize and inspire pride in current members, who would then organically identify and connect with like-minded potential members.


We began by conducting member focus groups, out of which grew key messages and a new brand personality. A logo, tagline, and brand attributes were created and then applied to a variety of marketing and communication materials. “Jewish Life, Inspired” is modular and can be used to underscore key characteristics by substituting other words or phrases. For example, “Family, Inspired” can be used for family-oriented programs or “Learning, Inspired” can be used for adult education offerings. 


The website reflects the vitality of the organization, while the site architecture is straightforward with a logical hierarchy to help members find what they are looking for. The posters, postcards, and flyers use many of the same graphic elements, providing a direct connection between online and print communication. Various branded templates provided to the client were designed to be easy to use.


The new brand helped bring 30 new families to the synagogue within 18 months, and coalesced the existing members around the clearly articulated, distinguishing features of the congregation.


For phase two, the social media awareness campaign was created to continue attracting new members, especially young families leaving the city for the suburbs, and to increase attendence at online events. For events, we created branded graphics and short video posts to generate excitement. We also identified brand ambassadors to be interviewed, and focused on their stories as a way to invite people into the community. During the 4 month campaign, the Congregation Beth Sholom Facebook page reached 104,966 people and garnered 72 new followers.

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