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Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey

Logos, Brand Guidelines, and Flyers





When two New Jersey chapters of the Jewish Federations of North America merged, they wanted a new brand that expressed the vibrancy of the new entity to members, potential members and the community at large. 

Our work proceeded in several steps:


1. We created and conducted branding workshops for the Board and other stakeholders. Engaging them early in the process allowed them to have meaningful input. Additionally, we know from experience that by gaining their confidence, they become “brand ambassadors,” informally spreading the word about the exciting changes to come.


2. Working with our writer we developed a variety of names and tagline options. One of our goals for the tagline was to create something “active” — that maintains the integrity of the brand while at the same time can change as the organization evolves. Once the name and tagline were approved we were off and running!


3. Next up: logo design. We built out the “active” tagline approach, and combined it with a modular logo system that provides a very wide range of messaging options for different situations. A vibrant color palette was created to reflect the vibrancy of the entity.

4. In addition to the logos and their usage, color palate and typeface, the Brand Guidelines introduced six brand attributes and demonstrated how to use the brand to make a emotional connection with the audience. The guidelines also included the “elevator pitch,” speech openers, and press release language. 


5. Lastly, a comprehensive set of templates was created for event flyers, invitations, social media posts, and the newsletter.

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