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American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

Conference Branding



For more than 10 years we worked closely with our client to conceptualize the theme, design and a myriad of applications for their event called the AIPAC Policy Conference held annually at the Washington Convention Center.


For the 2011 Conference, AIPAC wanted to promote the advantages of the alliance between the United States and Israel by focusing on areas of mutual interests — security, innovation, defense and democracy. “U.S. and Israel, Better Together” was the main theme, and the five sub-themes illustrated specific ways in which the two countries benefited from working together.  

Once the event brand was created we designed virtually all of the event materials, including fixed and multimedia (projected) stage sets, extensive interior and exterior event branding elements, museum-like exhibits, and wayfinding signage. Additionally we created a comprehensive college-catalogue-like event program, special event invitations, and promotional collateral.

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