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American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

Conference Stage Design



AIPAC attracts more than 15,000 each year to its annual Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. The conference attracts top dignitaries from the highest levels of U.S. and Israeli governments to speak. Year after year, AIPAC expects stage designs equal to the stature of the event. 

We have delivered on this expectation for several years. 


Tell the Story. The design utilizes a stained-glass motif combined with notable national symbols  of the two countries. More than 500 feet long, this projected stage incorporates preset locations for inset playback screens and variable step and repeat branding pattern behind the speaker, to provide maximum legibility for video and photos. True story: When we learned Hillary Clinton was speaking, we wanted make sure the stage would complement her attire. We were ready with different color backdrops, and when she arrived we selected the best one!

Relationships Matter. Oversize photos — each showing a pair of leaders — illustrate the value in making personal connections. Current and historic photos emphasize the story of the two countries’ long history. We added drama to otherwise flat black and white photos by “colorizing” them. Funny story: When the client approved the colorized photo of President Obama, we knew we had broken through to another level with them.

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