Friends of ALYN Hospital: Wheels of Love USA

Charity Bike Ride Recruitment

This multi-platform campaign for the Friends of ALYN Hospital was designed to recruit riders and sponsors for their first-ever U.S. charity bike ride. ALYN is a world-class hospital in Israel dedicated to the rehabilitation of permanently and temporarily disabled children. The branding focuses on the main value the riders and hospital have in common — “doing good” is a top priority for them.


About halfway through the campaign we smashed their goal of 100 riders and have more than 150 registered with 2 weeks left to go. The social media ad campaign reached nearly 150,000 people, with 36,000 complete video plays and 1,460 clicks.

We are very proud of the work, which in addition to the social media marketing, also included included an email campaign and a number of digital and print communications. And we’re grateful to our tremendously talented partner, writer Jean Waterman.


Feels great to help children who need it most!

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