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American Friends of ALYN Hospital: Wheels of Love ‘21

Charity Bike Ride Redux

After the success of its first U.S.-based charity ride in May of 2021, American Friends of ALYN Hospital decided to move a second ride to the U.S. in October when travel to Israel was not possible due to the pandemic. Since it was a last minute decision, our team had just 5 weeks to build awareness and recruit riders and sponsors for a 3-day bike ride through beautiful Cambridge, Maryland, along the Chesapeake Bay.


We repeated our successful campaign formula of branded emails, organic and paid social posting, and local publication advertising, but this time we brought in our PR partners from Red Banyan, which secured 24 media hits and 15 calendar postings in 7 geographic areas. We also added storytelling to share riders’ personal reasons about why they ride for the children of ALYN, and how they nurture their connection to Israel’s world-class hospital dedicated to the rehabilitation of children with chronic illness and disabilities.


Our very first team meeting quickly produced the campaign theme — We’re Here for ALYN — emphasizing both the change in venue of the ride and the riders’ support for the cause, no matter its location. The client and our crew expeditiously gathered key selling points and visual assets of the ride — the wildlife preserve and waterside trails, in addition to the luxury resort to return to at night — and went to work crafting a compelling campaign.


On social media, the integrated ad campaign (along with organic posts) reached 50,000 people in 5 weeks, and garnered 362 landing page views, 7,139 post engagements, and 677 link clicks. 


The best part was that more than half of registrations were new riders! Each participant rode more than 130 miles over 3 days and globally they have raised $2.1M.

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